Local Performance – Romania



This report covers Delhaize Group’s operations in Romania at Mega Image. On this website you will also find information on Group-wide strategy and achievements, as well as the accomplishments of other Delhaize Group operating companies. Mega Image celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2015. During our 2 decades of operation, we have grown into a 410–store operation, while engaging local communities, supporting traditional Romanian agriculture and introducing sustainability concepts to our customers. To celebrate our anniversary, we hosted events to educate customers about our sustainability strategy and promote healthy living. We also continued to reduce waste and improve energy efficiency, as spelled out in our 2020 Ambition. This report highlights our important 2015 achievements.


In 2015, at Mega Image we improved our sustainability efforts by focusing on customers’ expectations of us as a food retailer. We invested additional resources into providing more sustainable private brand products. We opened our first Gusturi Romȃneşti store, which sells only traditional Romanian products. And we expanded the number of stores with Equilibrium Corners, which showcase healthy products. This report provides additional insight into those efforts, as well as our work supporting healthier lifestyles and our efforts to protect the environment. We take these responsibilities very seriously, as we continue working toward a sustainable tomorrow.

Ileana Alexandru
HR Vice President & Sustainability Sponsor, Mega Image