Local Performance – Indonesia



This report covers Delhaize Group’s operations in Indonesia, at Super Indo stores. On this website you will also find information on our Group-wide strategy and achievements, as well as the accomplishments of other Delhaize Group operating companies.

Super Indo made significant progress in 2015 toward the goals in Delhaize Group’s 2020 Ambition, bringing innovations to improve environmental quality and health in our communities. We continued our first-of-its kind reusable shopping bag program, which helps reduce plastic waste that clogs landfills and pollutes the oceans. We developed initiatives to increase availability of sustainable palm oil in our region. And we continued offering programs that help associates and customers live healthier lifestyles. This report describes these highlights and other achievements from the past year. 


We believe that sustainable innovation benefits our customers, our company and our planet. It will play a key role in the future of our business, so we continue to transform the scope of our sustainability work. We are pushing the boundaries in order to leave the lightest possible footprint, while continuing to drive the best business performance. We are constantly integrating more sustainable ways of working across our business – from sourcing to logistics and retail. This year, we launched our sustainable seafood policy and continued a pilot program that donates food products nearing their sell-by dates to underprivileged families and people impacted by disasters. The impact of our work motivates us to drive positive change across our entire value chain, within our industry and beyond.

Elliot Dickson,
Chief Operating Officer, Super Indo