Local Performance – Belgium & Luxembourg



This report covers Delhaize Group’s operations in Belgium and Luxembourg, represented by the Delhaize banner. On this website you will also find information on Group-wide strategy and achievements, as well as the accomplishments of other Delhaize Group operating companies.

In 2015, Delhaize in Belgium and Luxembourg completed a major transformation plan that restructured our company from the store level through upper management. While implementing this plan, we remained focused on our long-standing commitment to sustainability. We advanced several ambitious initiatives, including mapping our private brand supply chain to improve transparency and greatly expanding our food donation program. We also made additional improvements that embedded our 2020 sustainability goals deeper into our stores, neighborhoods and local communities. This report presents highlights from the year.


Sustainability is not just a buzzword for Delhaize, it’s a reality in our stores, distribution centers and headquarters. Our large assortment of private brands allows us to prioritize the health, nutrition and sustainability aspects of the products - but our work doesn’t stop there. In 2015, we committed to redistributing all our unsold food to charity by 2020. We have made similarly ambitious commitments to reduce waste and energy consumption. We are providing an example that we hope other businesses will follow, and with our stores’ 5 million customer visits every week, we are convinced that we can make a difference.

Denis Knoops,
Chief Executive Officer, Delhaize Belgium & Luxembourg