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Zero Waste Zero Waste

As part of our ambitious goal to eliminate waste from our business, we intensified efforts to minimize food waste in our operations, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting increased recycling. Progress toward our zero waste goals is shown in the table below, and was driven by these key 2015 achievements.

Reducing food waste

  • 25% of unsold, edible food was donated from individual operating company stores. Our work to clarify laws and regulations around food donations in some markets, as well as the creation of new donation programs and relationships with food rescue charities, helped drive these donations.
  • Co-chaired the Consumer Goods Forum’s (CGF) Food Waste Working Group, which helped pass a new resolution for CGF companies to support the UN Sustainable Development Goal to cut food waste in half by 2030.
  • Pilot tested the Food Loss & Waste Protocol, a multi-stakeholder approach to the global accounting and reporting standard for quantifying food loss and waste along the food supply chain.
  • Increased recycling of food waste through local partnerships such as Super Indo’s produce waste composting program, and a partnership between Delhaize America’s Hannaford stores and a dairy farm that converts packaged food waste into compost and biogas.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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  • Promoting recycling

    5% increase in recycling rates across the Group from 2014 to 2015, achieved through improved associate training and programs to recover more recyclable materials at individual operating companies.



2020 Zero Waste Goals

2015 Performance 2020 Goals
2015 Performance 2020 Goals
Recycling 60% Waste recycled 80% View note & graph
Food Donations 25% Unsold food donated up View note
51% Stores with food donation programs 100% View note
Greenhouse Gas Emissions -13% Tonnes CO2e/m2 -20% View note & graph
565 Kilograms CO2e/m2 518 View note
Refrigerants 59% Ozone-friendly refrigerants 80% View note & graph
2 359 Average GWP 2 230 View note & graph

For a detailed look at each operating company’s progress toward our Zero Waste goals, read our local performance reports.