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Healthy Lifestyles Healthy Lifestyles

We are committed to helping our associates and customers lead healthier, more sustainable lives. Progress toward our healthy lifestyles goals is shown in the table below, and was driven by these key 2015 achievements.

Supporting the health and wellbeing of associates

  • Developed targets and defined metrics to improve wellbeing support across our countries through our Associate Wellbeing Steering Committee.
  • 69% of associates felt that Delhaize Group’s wellbeing programs meet their needs, according to our 2015 Associate Engagement Survey.

Encouraging healthy lifestyles among customers

  • Expanded health clinics and preventative screenings, education programs about health and nutrition, and continued sponsoring local sporting events.
  • Continued customer outreach and education programs that support healthy eating choices. Labeling programs, such as Delhaize Belgium’s “Extra” logo and Delhaize America’s Guiding Stars program, make it easier for customers to quickly locate nutritious products.

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2020 Healthy Lifestyles Goals

2015 Performance 2020 Goals
2015 Performance 2020 Goals
Associate Wellbeing 141 Wellbeing events hosted for associates up View note
69% Associates feel that Delhaize Group’s wellbeing programs meet their needs up View note

For a detailed look at each operating company’s progress toward our Healthy Lifestyles goals, read our local performance reports.