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Associate Diversity & Development Associate Diversity & Development

Our associates are the foundation of our company; we are committed to creating an inclusive workplace that welcomes people from all backgrounds, supports their wellbeing and encourages their professional and personal development. Progress toward our goals is detailed in the table below, and was driven by these key 2015 achievements.

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Developed baselines for key diversity-related issues in each of our regions through our Associate Diversity Steering Committee. Each operating company tailors its programs to address local needs, as diversity issues vary greatly across countries and are dependent on local culture.
  • Delhaize America provided sensitivity training to managers focusing specifically on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) inclusion and earned a 100% rating from the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index for the 5th year in a row.
  • Delhaize Serbia offered trainings for managers and associates to raise awareness about disabilities, and to provide techniques for incorporating associates with disabilities into the workforce.

Associate Development

  • Expanded training and development programs focused on customer service, such as Food Lion and Delhaize Serbia’s “Count on Me” programs, Hannaford’s “Power of You” program, “Grocer 2.0” at Delhaize Belgium.
  • Provided a documented performance review to 99.5% of eligible associates.
  • Our annual Associate Engagement Survey showed that our associates’ overall level of engagement was 89%, indicating a high level of satisfaction. We also achieved an 80% survey response rate, a figure well above industry standards.









2020 Associate Diversity & Development Goals

2015 Performance 2020 Goals
2015 Performance 2020 Goals
Associate Diversity & Inclusion 193 Diversity and Inclusion training events held for associates up View note
87% Associates feel that “My direct manager recognizes and respects the value of diverse associates” up View note
Associate Development 99.5% Associates with annual performance dialogues 100% View note
79% Associates feel they have opportunities for personal development in the company up View note

For a detailed look at each operating company’s progress toward our Associate Diversity & Development goals, read our local performance reports.