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In 2015, world leaders called for stronger action at all levels of society to secure a prosperous future for people and the planet. The United Nations announced in September an ambitious sustainable development agenda for 2030, including goals to improve health and wellbeing, eliminate poverty and hunger, reduce food waste, protect human rights, and drive sustainable production and consumption. Then in December, the annual Conference of Parties forum (COP 21) resulted in a landmark global climate change agreement.

Delhaize Group watched these developments with excitement, as the proposed goals paralleled much of our 2020 Sustainability Ambition. They also inspired us to continue improving our efforts.

We made significant gains toward our 2020 goals in the past year. We encouraged further cross-company collaboration and sharing of best practices through our 4 steering committees focused on the nutritional quality of private brands; product safety and quality assurance; associate diversity; and associate wellbeing. We also continued providing financial support for innovative projects at our operating companies through the Delhaize Group Sustainability Innovation Fund, which funded development of healthy kids lunchboxes at Delhaize Serbia and a waste reduction effort for Super Indo’s warehouses in 2015.

The Delhaize Group Sustainability Innovation Fund

  • Projects funded since inception

    2014 Projects

    1. Super Indo’s project to process fruit and vegetable waste into organic liquid fertilizer.
    2. Delhaize Serbia’s “Support to Sustain” project to help local farmers produce sustainable fruits and vegetables.
    3. Mega Image’s “Fresh Corner” project to transform fruit and vegetables approaching their sell-by dates into juices and fruit salads.
    4. Mega Image’s collaboration with Romanian farmers to sustainably produce healthier and tastier fruits and vegetables.
    5. Alfa Beta’s Fisheries Improvement Project, in partnership with WWF Greece, to increase the sustainability of Mediterranean anchovy and sardine fisheries.
    6. Delhaize America’s Nature’s Place brand repositioning project to analyze potential sustainability benefits.
  • 2015 Projects

    1. Delhaize Serbia’s healthy lunchboxes for kids.
    2. Super Indo’s project to reduce warehouse waste by replacing duct tape with re-usable tire tubes to wrap pallets.

Click on the above icons to find highlights of our group-wide achievements from the past year. These efforts helped us regain a place on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index in 2015—an endorsement of our progress. Looking ahead, we expect to further strengthen our work through the proposed merger between Delhaize Group and Royal Ahold. The merger is expected to be completed in mid-2016. Because we share similar goals, we believe the combined company can make an even larger impact on the critical sustainability issues facing our world, while strengthening our business for the future.