Sustainability Progress Report 2013


2013 Annual Report - Together the best for life

2013 highlights

  1. kpi

    Delhaize America reduced waste sent to landfill by 19% More

  2. kpi

    Achieved 8% reduction in refrigerant emissions per m² since 2012 More

  3. kpi

    The Sustainability Innovation Fund supported 8 projects from across the Group More

2013 challenge

High profile cases made supply chain transparency a critical issue in 2013 More

CEO Interview

Frans Muller

Frans Muller, President & CEO Delhaize Group

In many cases, our associates have gone above and beyond, from programs in Serbia and Romania to part­ner with local farmers to grow fresh, sus­tainable produce for our customers to a project in Greece to re-introduce pork products from a nearly extinct breed of local pigs.

Efforts like these and many more reflect Delhaize Group’s values, as well as the values of our customers around the world.

I believe that the 2020 Sustainability Strategy is an important driver of our business, as well as a con­crete demonstration of our values.

Our approach

  1. The Big Picture

    The Big Picture

    We offer thousands of products that we source through a complex and interconnected value chain More

  2. Our Material Issues

    Our Material Issues

    We analyze sustainability trends from year to year to identify and prioritize our material issues More

  3. Our 2020 Strategy

    Our 2020 Strategy

    We created the Supergood strategy to become leaders in sustainability in all our markets by 2020 More

  4. Sustainability Governance  & Management

    Sustainability Governance & Management

    Associates from all departments across our business collaborate to implement the strategy More

  5. Our Stakeholders

    Our Stakeholders

    We interact with our key stakeholders – our customers, associates and suppliers More

  6. Compliance & Ethics

    Compliance & Ethics

    Our sustainability commitment stems from Delhaize Group’s core value of Integrity. More

Group Performance

  1. Group Progress against Goals

    Delhaize Group’s achievements against the goals we have established for the whole Group to reach Supergood by 2020.

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  2. Sustainable Private Brands

    Our private brand products are unique to our stores and help build our brand equity. They also offer us an opportunity to have a direct impact at every stage of the value chain. It’s important to us that our private brand products reflect our values as a company.

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  3. Zero Waste

    Through our zero waste work, we aim to reduce our contribution to global food and packaging waste. Reducing the waste we produce not only conserves valuable natural resources, it’s also good for our bottom line as it reduces costs and increases efficiency.

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  4. Healthy Lifestyles

    Our priority is providing fresh, nutritious and delicious food, but our efforts to support healthy living in both our associates and our customers go well beyond that.

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  5. Associate Diversity

    We operate in a diverse business climate, and we believe that we function best when our associate base reflects the same breadth as the communities in which we operate

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  6. Everyday Practices

    Within the Everyday Practices of our strategy we track performance on food safety audits in stores, associate training and development, community engagement and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Group Report
  • 2013 Highlights
  • CEO Interview
  • Our Approach:
    • The Big Picture
    • Our Material Issues
    • Our 2020 Strategy
    • Our Stakeholders, Sustainability Governance, Compliance & Ethics
  • Group Performance:
    • Group Progress Against Goals
    • Sustainable Private Brands
    • Zero Waste
    • Healthy Lifestyles
    • Associate Diversity
    • Everyday Practices
Local Performance
  • Delhaize America
  • Delhaize Belgium
  • Alfa Beta (Greece)
  • Mega Image (Romania)
  • Delhaize Serbia
  • Delhaize Bulgaria
  • Super Indo (Indonesia)
Case Studies
  • Sustainable Private Brands:
    • Alfa Beta (Greece)
    • Delhaize Belgium
    • Delhaize Serbia
    • Mega Image (Romania)
  • Zero Waste:
    • Super Indo (Indonesia)
  • Healthy Lifestyles:
    • Delhaize America
  • Everyday Practices:
    • Delhaize Bulgaria
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  • 2013 Data Table and Methodology
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